Oftentimes I write about the last thought I had. And usually those thoughts are somewhere within about a dozen subject areas on which I tend to focus.

I began here thinking I could not be a niche writer. But I've developed a very good knowledge of the fiasco that is occurring on the Colorado River. I live in the Southwest, so drought is in my backyard. Hydrology has become quite fascinating to me, and I try explaining it to my readers in very simple terms. As of August 2022, I've written 18 articles on climate change, one of which has nearly 13,000 views.

As a huge fan of Diana Ross, I work her in wherever I can! In fact, my most widely viewed article, "Martha Reeves vs. Diana Ross" went viral with nearly 21,000 views!

Receiving awards is validation of your work, and I am happy that I have received one in climate change, two in music, and two in LGBTQ culture. I strive to deliver my best in each and every article. That includes a good deal of time on research.

You'll find dashes of sarcasm and satire here and there. Unless you're not interested in anything, I think you'll find something you'll like in my portfolio of work. A big thank you to all of my viewers, readers, and followers. You make it all worthwhile.

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My goal is to inform, educate, & entertain. Top writer in LGBTQ, Music, Climate Change. Directionally dyslexic with an excellent sense of direction.