Abilene, Ventura, Lincoln, Santa Fe, Skokie, Cedar Rapids, Chicago, and Albuquerque are my homes.

Gardening has always been my favorite hobby. Photo: Author’s Mom.

Hello! Arthur Keith is my pen name. I dropped my last name for this purpose. I always wanted Keith to be my first name. I could have made it happen when I moved to a new city (Albuquerque) two years ago. No one knew me here. Would my life be any different if I had been Keith?

I’ve always loved writing and have been told that I’m pretty good at it. I guess I’ll let the audience decide on that. While I became a Medium Member…

How GPS has dumbed us down

I shouldn’t be surprised that no one seems to have a sense of direction except me. And I will accept my kudos.

It started when I was very young as a kid whose parents were divorced and lived hundreds of miles apart. There wasn’t a whole lot for a kid to do in the back seat of a car. There were books, but that made a lot of kids carsick. Toys? They can only occupy a bored kid for so long.

What does this have to do with directions? Read on…


The madness started…

But I still love him

A man is walking into the sunset on what appears to be a dry lake bed in the desert. Mountains can be seen in the distance.
A man is walking into the sunset on what appears to be a dry lake bed in the desert. Mountains can be seen in the distance.
Photo by Jason Strull on Unsplash

This could happen to you. One day your relationship seems peaceful, and the next day the walls come tumbling down.

While washing dishes, he walked in the door from work. Not a kiss hello, not a word was spoken until, abruptly, he began going off on me about random things I can’t even remember now. My blood started to boil, and it doesn’t bleed easily.

I remember my reaction, though. I said something to the effect of, “I was in a perfect mood before you got home. What is wrong with you?”

Then comes our first physical altercation.

He was…

Can you find a soulmate anywhere you go?

Photo by Christian Buehner on Unsplash.com

There was a time when my ex-wife suggested there might be something wrong with me and that I should see a psychotherapist.

Boy, was that the pot calling the kettle black.

I mean, yeah, in the end, there was something wrong with me — her! She had often questioned my sexual orientation throughout the course of the marriage, and I always claimed to be straight. After all, we had two children together, and they were definitely ours. However, things aren’t always as they seem. …

What the Census reveals about systemic racism — a quick primer.

Photo by Hieu Vu Minh on Unsplash.

I’m too young in my writing career to write about writing yet. Nothing I’ve published has moved the needle much. I’ve certainly not done anything that has gone viral nor made more than a few bucks a month.

However, many times on Medium, it’s been said that a good place to start writing is that from which you already know about a certain subject. Honestly, I know a lot about a lot of different things. (Street smarts: not so much.) Geography was always the subject in which I was…

They’re not just for the gym anymore.

Photo: Author

“I’m too sexy for my…” underwear?

I am getting really tired of the algorithms on social media.

Just because I ordered some fashionable (and sexy) underwear online doesn’t mean I need more every single day! Once the word is out on one social media outlet, you’re fucked on all of them.

I ordered a tent online. Now, everything that may be remotely associated with camping is coming my way. Hmmm…a camper in the woods with a slight dad bod wearing sexy underwear. If that’s what they think I am, I’ll take it.


Sex, Drugs, and….

Illustration by Andrii Zastrozhnov on Shutterstock

Given my love and need for lists, you’d think this might be a listicle. (I never even heard of that word until I started writing on Medium.)

Each ADHD’er manifests symptoms differently. To one not familiar, you might picture a person who has maniacal tendencies. While there is that aspect with some who are afflicted, most do not come off looking and acting like hyperactive trainwrecks. It mostly has to do with focus and the lack thereof.

My ADHD Story

My main symptom is an overriding, internal panic attack. If everything is necessary, how do you prioritize? As the day…

Hi Morgan,

I loved your story. I am doing some research on how some of the biggest cities in the country have contracted to the point where they're shells of their former selves. I was just wondering if, in your research, you found any "sundown towns" to be among our largest cities? Or is it just everywhere? Thank you!

Hi Laurence, imagine my horror after not only reliving gym class from the 7th grade, but also that I was just about to hit the Publish button on a story called "jockstraps". However, yours is very good. Who knows how mine will "measure up"!

Arthur Keith

My life in the context of 20th-century history and pop culture — infused with a dose of fun (where appropriate!) More to come when I get my sea legs on here.

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