Abilene, Ventura, Lincoln, Santa Fe, Skokie, Cedar Rapids, Chicago, and Albuquerque are my homes.

Gardening has always been my favorite hobby. Photo: Author’s Mom.

Hello! Arthur Keith is my pen name. I dropped my last name for this purpose. I always wanted Keith to be my first name. I could have made it happen when I moved to a new city (Albuquerque) two years ago. No one knew me here. Would my life be any different if I had been Keith?

I’ve always loved writing and have been told that I’m pretty good at it. I guess I’ll let the audience decide on that. While I became a Medium Member…

I have 3 of them. 2 of us survived.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

I keep everything. Most of it is paper.

Periodically, I’ll go through a box or a file drawer and determine what constitutes keeping something until the next go around and what can be tossed. Some of it may be mementos, in which case I save it in perpetuity.

I’m not a hoarder. More of a historian of my life. Our family has gone through so many trials and tribulations. When I save a document, I know it is so that I may remember, as my memory is sketchy.

There is plenty…

Or How to Not Have Gay Anal Sex

“Pegasus” — photo by Giovanni Dall’ Orto on Wikicommons.

I must be the most naive gay guy ever.

Look, I did not come out until 1998 and had no idea what the fuck I was doing. Not having a gay mentor, I navigated my way through observation and asking questions. (Yes, there are stupid questions.)

The lexicon, the acronyms, which color of bandana went into which back pocket was necessary to know if I was to flourish in this new world.

Even the rainbow was a challenge. I had a long, slim sticker with the gay rainbow I bought for my…

Gardening and parenting

Father’s Day at Kenai. Photo by Karen Leubenstein, USFWS.

One thing I get better at each year is gardening.

However, it’s one of those hobbies like golf, where you can never perfect your game. There is always room for improvement, and you have to allow for change or failure.


Ever since I planted a peach pit in my stepfather’s flower bed, I’ve been addicted. (“What the hell is this peach tree doing in my flower bed!” he exclaimed.) He left it alone, though, and it came to bore peaches.

For many years, I never had a place to garden, nor the interest, as studying, working, and partying consumed all…

Surrendering to my Age

Gay Pride Parade, Cologne, Germany. Photo by CE photo, Uwe Aranas.

If you are a gay man anywhere over the age of 50, I’m sure this term has confronted you.

A few months ago, I published an article entitled, “63-Year-Old Single Gay Male — But Don’t Call Me Daddy” here on Medium.

After much consternation, I’ve now changed my mind: it’s OK. I’ve earned it, and I deserve it.

Why the change of heart, you may ask.

The bottom line is, Daddies can get away with anything and get a lot of respect for doing much of nothing besides being — older.

But don’t confuse me with…

What happens to it if you break up?

Lulu on stage as part of 2010's Here Come the Girls tour in Glasgow. Photo by Lubripetition on Wikimedia Commons.

Chances are, you and your mate have a favorite song. You call it “your song.”

When you hear the first note, your instinct is to be with your significant other. If you’re in separate rooms, maybe you’ll run to find the other. Maybe you’ll dance. If you’re physically distanced, maybe you’ll call or text when you hear it. These are the kinds of songs that do that to you.

My taste in music varied widely from my ex-partner’s. He was strictly a pop guy and preferred songs from the past. I enjoy…

Because 484 is never enough

Photo by Anonymous from a hook-up site. It was blessed.

The most important thing that most gay guys seem to be consumed with (besides that) is the body. The entire body. The whole package.

We get it every day: men with hot bodies can be found on Facebook (mostly in the ads, depending on your friends), Instagram (ditto), hell, I’ve even seen them on LinkedIn. (Bodybuilding is a profession, right?)

Twitter allows full-on man sex. Talk about freedom of expression. (Gay male sex-good. Trump-bad!)

As a baby boomer, we all probably started with tighty-whities. There wasn’t a choice except for brands, mostly Jockey, Hanes, and Fruit of the Loom. Ensuing generations got superheroes and action figures printed on theirs.

Now that I’m grown and am writing this article, I…

Republican Rants

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash.com

I was inspired to write this short by a reader’s response to a LinkedIn article. The question posed had to do with the hospitality industry in particular. They can’t find the people to clean the rooms, meaning they can’t fill their houses because they can’t get all the rooms cleaned. Thus, room rates will soar.

Quite the catch-22.

I am in semi-retirement after being laid off from the airline industry. As such, I am also a recipient of the enhanced federal unemployment program. I do want a part-time job because Medium isn’t paying the bills. They’re only buying me a…

Your story is my lament, almost exactly. In fact, I have a story in draft--unfinished--that I am working on. Long as I include a link to your article and attribute it as such, can I use a couple of your lines as quotes in my story? (I'm still unsure of the Medium protocols.) Thanks, Arthur Keith.

OMG, to reclaim that time must be truly liberating. I've got ADHD, so I kinda always need to have something to do--but I AM looking forward to having nothing to do so that I can lull in the sunshine and read, or...do nothing!

Arthur Keith

My life in the context of 20th-century history and pop culture — infused with a dose of fun (where appropriate!) More to come when I get my sea legs on here.

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